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One station service for Company functional travel (1~5 days ) out of Shanghai , including  company annual meeting,celebration,staff group traveling.

Our one-station traveling service is aimed to bring your esteem company a relaxing,cost-saving and pleasing traveling experience.  We provide:
1.      Whole package service in bus,insurance,acivities,tourism sites visit,lower tickets price,hotel in discount price,meeting room,meal/restaurant,team building and activities,group photoes,etc.
2.       We have cooperated price with all tourism sites and hotels,which makes whole  package price lower ,while with professional service and management.
3.       Our trip destination covers all main top quality destination nearby Shanghai ,while we can customize the combinations per clients' different situation.
4.       Professional service team: each team led by our experienced team leader,drivers,tourist guiders,who  will be closely with clients during the trip,and deal with each point .
Please give us your requirements,prefered destination,number of people,and main target of the trip,we will design and provide detailed package with quotations.
A. Short Journey, 1~2 days
Yellow Mountain  (400km from Shanghai,main items: great mountain,hot spring,Hong Ancient Village)
Jiu Hua Mountain (300km from Shanghai, main items: great mountain,temple of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva )
Zhang Jia Gang City (150km from Shanghai,main items: natural sight seeing,sea food,ancient village)
Wu Zhen/Xi Tang (130km from Shanghai, main items: famous ancient village)
Zhou Zhuang (80km from Shanghai, main items:famous ancient village)
B.  company annual meeting,celebration and staff group tourism,  2~5 days
Wu Xi (140km from Shanghai, main items: Ling Mountain,Giant Buddha, Niu Tou Zhu ancient town )
--Highly Recommended
Tian Mu Lake  (250km from Shanghai, main items: Tian Mu Lake, Bamboo Sea,hot spring on top of mountain)
--Highly Recommended
Su Zhou ( 140km from Shanghai, main items: West Mountain,Han Shan Temple, Mu Du ancient town,)


Thousands Islands Lake  (380km from Shanghai,  main items:  lake, giant forest,natural sight)
--Highly Recommend


Hang Zhou  (200km from Shanghai, main items: West Lake, Ling Tin Temple, Xi Xi Wetland Park)

 Ning Bo  (220km from Shanghai, main items: Bao Guo Temple, Ci Xi Town,Tian Yi Attic,Ayu King Temple,lots of seafood) 

Nan Jing (300km from Shanghai, main items: Zi Jin Mountain,Xuan Wu Lake, Fu Zi Temple, Bao En Temple, Water Fun Park,Zhong Shan Tomb)
We look forward to providing your esteem company a pleasing traveling experience and reach your target.

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