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About Our Service

STAR is focusing on providing all around car leasing service  for expatriat families and International enterprise in Shanghai.Our duty and honor is to provide the most practical package and quality long-term service for our clients.

The cars we offer are based on reliable quality and practical usage,such as VW Passat(5 seats),GM Buick GL8(7 seats). After 12
years' developing,we have developed a very mature and efficient service system with team.

With your trust,we are keeping on making effort to make you enjoy the most competitive and comfortable leasing experience in Shanghai.

Service Values For You  

1.Provide various & reliable quality models   
--such as VW Passat,Audi A6,Buick GL8,VW Touran,Toyota Previa   

2.Customize practical & cost-saving package    
--respect each client's demand or company policy   

3. 24h emergency support line(billingual) during leasing period  
--responce quickly for road assistance,translation need,emergency,asking for directions,go to hospital in the evening,etc.    

4.Additional Support   
--customize company logo onto the car    
--help to setup vehicle baby seat     
--customize daily log for recording time/petrol/fee   

5.Serious Leasing Management    
--professional car maintenance and driver management
--issue official monthly rental tax invoice  
--pay full package of insurance    
--cherish customer feedback    
--bilingual standard contract    
--pay all obligatory tax to government   

Your Rights  

--tell us all your expectation and requirements  
--what else do you want to improve based on your current status? 
--any special request or questions?  
--anything else we could do to support your life and business well here?  

Our Parking Area and Cars: 


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