The Hirer Acknowledgement

For the sake of the Hirer himself and the leased vehicle, the Hirer shall obey the following provisions:

1.   The leased vehicles must be driven in a correct and safe way by qualified person permitted by the Hirer and the Car Company.

2.   The driver must be in possession of a valid driving license with correct type which is accepted by the People’s Republic of China.

3.   If the Hirer drives the Vehicle himself,he should undertake correct operation and driving of the leased vehicle,and take care of the leased vehicle in order to assure the leased car in good condition.And should contact the Owner(or its driver) if any emergency appears.

4.   The Hirer has the right to check up the leased vehicles thoroughly inside and outside when take upon the vehicles,and the Owner will sign a handle-over form with the Hirer then.

5.   If there is any new scratches, damage or color changes caused by the Hirer’s own fault during the leasing period,the Hirer shall pay the repair fee beyond the insurance cover range.

6.   The Hirer should inform the Owner(or its driver) immediately if something is wrong. The Hirer shall report any occurrence involving the vehicles to the Owner and stopping running the vehicles in case of emergency;

7.   In the event of missing the vehicle plate or other relevant documents during the rental period by the Hirer, the Hirer must pay the relevant expenses and rental charges due to the unavailability of the specific leased vehicles.

8.  The Hirer must NOT alter or disassembly any parts or accessories in the leased vehicles, otherwise the Hirer shall cover all the loss.

9.   For the sake of the Hirer and the vehicles, any driver is not allowed to smoke in the vehicle and must NOT drive after drinking alcohol.

10.   The Hirer must NOT use the vehicles to instruct an unlicensed person in the operation of the vehicle, to participate in any race, test or contest;

11.   Not to use the vehicles for the purpose of overloading, carrying hazardous material, smoking inside the car with its window closed.

12.   If any keys were lost by the Hirer, the Hirer must afford replacing cost of the whole key system (including door locks, ignition & starter switch, boot locks).

13.   The recommended fuel (#97 is recommended for petrol engine) shall be used in the running of the vehicle. Otherwise Hirer bears the subsequences caused hereof.

14.   In order to keep the leased vehicle in good condition, the vehicle need to be regular served and maintained every 5000~6000 km.The Hirer and the Owner shall pre-set the time by three days in advance.

15.   The rental time is calculated as twenty-four (24) hours a day and 30 days a month.

16.   In case of renewal, the Hirer shall notify the Owner 1 month in advance.

17.   The Hirer is liable for the cost and any other legal obligation due to late returning the vehicle or delaying paying due rental charges.

18.   "The Hirer's Acknowledgment" as part of this "Rental Agreement" has the equal legal force.

19.   The leased vehicle shall be used within the Shanghai Administration Area, or the Owner should be notified in written in case that the leased vehicle is driven beyond the aboveotherwise, all the subsequences will be borne by the Hirer.

The Hirer has thoroughly read and understood the above "Acknowledgement".

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