Use a Qualified Driver

A good driver will help in a lot of ways,not only in working for you during daily work,but also be able to help out with running errands like taking the ayi shopping,helping to paying utility bills,picking the kids up from school,etc.During weekends or holiday,the driver can also drive your family to surburb or other province for traveling. A good driver can also help in solving emergency or even be your assistant for daily life affair.

Drivers can be prepared to work long hours and collect you late at night after going out for drinks or dinner. But firstly,it is important to set a scientific work schedule with the car company while doing the leasing contract.

Our Management for Drivers

In the past years,each driver we hire has gone through a long and strict interview and exam before becoming our staff.

In our evaluation and management for drivers,we require our drivers with following qualifications:

  • Warm hearted,honest and punctual
  • Driving safely
  • Be flexible in front of changes or emergency
  • With long year driving age(above 8 years)
  • Prefered to be Shanghainese(good at streets and dialect;more reliable due to registered in shanghai)
  • No smoking on the car;Must NOT drink alcohol before driving

Extra Management:Questionnaire Paper from Our Clients

During the leasing period,we will connect driver's work performance to a Questionnaire Paper filled by our clients monthly,based on which we will decide the seasonly evaluation and incentive for the driver.This regular Questionnaire Paper will include driver's overall attitude,punctuality,driving behaviour,etc.

This interactive feedback collection work is popular in many kinds of service field,but still not very popular among car companies here.The feedback from our client is very important as a positive management on the driver,which can also help to encourage driver and work closely with clients from the beginning.


Car Regular Maintenance

Each car need to be sent to workshop for regular maintenance every 5000~7000 km,depending on different car models.That's why choosing a good reputation brand which has convenient workshops and efficient service system in the city is important.

In Shanghai,the brand of Volkswagen and Buick have most workshops and service center.Accordingly,VW Passat,Buick Gl8/Firstland are of the top popular brands here,widely used with a good reputation.

Usually the regular maintenance must be done at the official 4S workshop of each brand.However there are also more and more street workshops opened by individual owners,whose service and spare parts quality are of different quality.

It is strongly recommended that each car shall be maintained at its own 4S workshop to ensure a reliable service. 

We keep maintenance record of each car,and will inform our clients in advance for the regular maintain each time.Generally we will prepare the regular maintenance during the workends so as to avoid any inconvenience for our clients.


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