1.Can I drive a car myself in Shanghai ?

Actually it is not difficult to have an official local driving license here as long as you have your native driving license.Each applicant need to go through a procedure in government bereau, including a small health check,license translation,submitting paperwork,taking photo and doing a short test.The total applying and material fee is less than rmb350 and will not cost too much time.Per each request,we will guide and help our clients to get through this procedure in a time-saving and easy way by our experience and relationship here, and finally get your own "Shanghai driving license".

2.What's the advantage of leasing a car?

For single or young couple(for example living in downtown area) who may not have traffic pressure or high demand,we suggest taking metro or taxi is more suitable than leasing a car.

For a family(especially with child) who has high demand of transportation or look for a comfortable traffic experience,leasing a car has its own charming character and many advantage,such as building a decent and easy life style,sending children to school,commercial and office usage,family outgoing,dealing with daily affairs,social intercourse as well as the fun of driving yourself.

Furthermore,with the coming 2010 World Expo, new tunnels and roads will be further improved to make traffic in this city easier and easier.

3.What kinds of costs should I pay attention to in renting a car ?

To enjoy long-run benefit and great fun from leasing a car,a whole set of points need to be pre-declared and clarified,including:

  Monthly Rental(the car company shall issue official rental tax invoice)
·  Petrol
·  Highway Toll
·  Parking 
·  Mainain & Repair
·  Insurance
·  Daily Cleaning
·  National road construction fee
·  Extra device(GPS system,baby seat,ETC device,etc)
·  Over mileague fee
·  Driver Salary
·  Driver OT

For a practical and economical package,please feel free to fully communicate with us about your requirements and usage details.

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