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Residential service we provide when you move into your new home:

1.Rental Invoice (fapiao)
--apply for monthly rental tax invoice("Fapiao") 

2.Residential Permit
--apply for residential registration permit  from the police. 

3.Car Parking 
--apply for parking lot

4.Moving Company 
--cooperative moving company support

5.Security System Install:

1)Day/Night Infrared  

2)Vandal Proof Dome  

3) 2-Beams Photoelectric Detector  

4)Dual-Tech Motion Detector  

5)Radio Smoke Alarm



1.What is the rental tax invoice?What is the standard rate

The monthly rental invoice is applied from the tax bereau and mainly for tenant to claim at their company side.The standard tax rate is 5% of the monthly rental.

Our company have long-term invoice applying cooperation with tax bereau and provide this service for lot's of tenants or landlords.

2.How can I apply the rental tax invoice?

On behalf of tenants and landlords,we provide service of applying for rental tax invoice from tax bereau then deliver them tenant or landlord side per request.Regarding long-term relationship with tax bereau,we provide this servie very efficiently. 

3.Where can I pay the utility bills?
--Government bureau(with branch in each district)--
--24H Supermarket(i.e. QUICK,LAWSON)
--online websit:
--Compound Management Office(only in certain compound)
--Auto-Machine(only in certain compounds)

Each of our staff is your server,and we hope to be a small but shinning star in the sky,supporting your life and business better in Shanghai.

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